Our Company

Established in 1990, PowerWeld Corporation is a full line welding supply wholesale distribution company serving industry through its network of welding and industrial distributors across USA and Canada. Providing expertise in the field of welding, the marketing focus of PowerWeld remains solely on welding and welding related products; making it the premiere wholesale choice for supply of welding products in North America. PowerWeld is committed to the support of its distributor network through the provision of:

  • Experienced Support Staff - Field and Internal - Unparalleled Level of Service
  • Wholesale Only Distribution Strategy
  • Competitive Pricing Levels
  • Continued Expansion of Quality Product Offering - Innovative Marketing Strategies
  • Strategic Distribution Alliances

Through its four strategically located distribution centres in Valparaiso Indiana, Grand Prairie Texas, Oakville Ontario and Edmonton Alberta, PowerWeld provides over 90% of its nationwide customer base with same day, next day, or two day delivery of orders - getting product to the field rapidly and cost effectively. Providing over 40,000 sku's of welding products in inventory, PowerWeld is committed to shipping all orders on the same day of receipt.

Major product groupings offered include:

  • Welding filler metals
  • Arc, MIG and TIG accessories and equipment
  • Gas welding and cutting accessories and equipment - Welding safety accessories and equipment

PowerWeld is a wholesale supplier focussed on core welding products committed to supporting the growth and success of its distributor network. We are a progressive company experiencing strong growth in the North American marketplace through innovation, competitiveness, and responsiveness to customers needs. PowerWeld is a partner aligned with industry leading organizations to give you an advantage over your competition with better pricing, strong sales and marketing support, combined with an excellent level of service.